True storyAvid sports fans as well as professional athletes love to debate head-to-head rivalries in sports. This is especially true in tennis, where the head-to-head win-loss records of the champions can be directly compared.

Unlike sports that depend on a team effort, singles tennis is a one-on-one game, making it impossible for individual players to distribute blame for a loss. Therefore, singles tennis affords an excellent opportunity to compare the effects of “eating to win” over the course of a player’s career in head-to-head competition with similarly skilled opponents who did not eat to win.

If you’re a long-time tennis fan or if you’re a tennis history enthusiast, then you’re probably aware of three of the biggest rivalries in tennis history: Martina Navratilova vs. Chris Evert; Ivan Lendl vs. John McEnroe; and Ivan Lendl vs. Jimmy Connors

As history reveals, my work with Navratilova and Lendl led to the loss of U.S. dominance in men’s and women’s professional tennis from the mid-1980s through the early 1990s. Although I offered to work with two U.S. players, McEnroe and Connors, both stubbornly refused to accept the vital role that my diet and supplement protocols could play in helping pro athletes realize their full potential.

As a result, McEnroe’s and Connors’ careers plummeted and they never again were able to dominate Ivan Lendl. My two clients, Martina and Ivan, by allowing me to personalize their diet and supplement protocols, enjoyed a competitive advantage that allowed them to rise to the top and stay at the top of their sport.

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