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Robert HaasYou asked and I listened. My brain is now for rent.

Rent my brain for $500 an hour. You’re just one call away from career-changing knowledge.

I will answer any questions you have about diet, nutritional supplements or how to recover between matches at a faster rate than your competition. Let me create your own personalized dietary supplement program.

Ask me anything.

The Internet is chock full of armchair “experts” who’ve never worked with sports champions, and it’s overrun with  bro’ science websites dripping with questionable advice. Good luck with that.

When you rent my brain, you’ll get access to all 30,000 hours of my training, knowledge and wisdom derived from working with sports champions around the world, which means you’ll get invaluable information you can put to work immediately to go faster, higher and farther.

Perhaps you’d like me to design a personalized dietary supplement sport-specific program based on your unique biochemical needs. Or, maybe you want to know how to heal faster from injury or how apple polyphenols can help make you a better tennis player (hint: they have to be combined with five other bioactive compounds to achieve the necessary nutrient synergy).

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ask me anything