6 Things You May Not Know About Rafa Nadal

One: Rafa’s Wristwatch Costs As Much As Four New Homes Sometimes, even a world champion has to start small. That’s why Swiss watchmaker Richard Mille created a super-lightweight and technologically advanced watch for tennis champion Rafael Nadal made from aluminum, lithium and titanium carbon nanotubes worth an estimated $525,000. But that was just small potatoes […]

I’m Worth It!

If you’re a junior tennis player (up to age 18), it’s vital to begin working with me as early as possible. Why? Because I’m worth it. I can’t stress this enough: the sooner you receive diet and supplement guidance, the faster you’ll develop the biochemistry of an elite athlete while enjoying a greatly reduced chance […]

Shame On The Willams Sisters

A print advertising campaign promoting cow’s milk shows tennis professionals Venus and Serena Williams with milk mustaches—a ringing endorsement for milk drinking by these two very popular tennis stars. Shame on the Williams sisters. Was it wise for the Williams sisters to lend their name to promoting cow’s milk? Ironically, this is a beverage/food that most African Americans cannot […]

Coconut Oil — Hero or Zero?

In this post, I’d like to clear up some existing myths and misconceptions regarding the dangers of consuming virgin coconut oil due its saturated fat content. Surprisingly, a number of dietitians still cling to the 60-year old discredited theory that consuming saturated fats leads to atherosclerosis and heart attacks. Some of these well-meaning folks seem to […]

4 Weeks To A Better Brain

I just obtained a copy of 4 Weeks to Better Brain and the free accompanying cookbook, and was impressed by the scope of research that went into these books. The books are available directly from the author’s website. Prescription drugs approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease are at best marginally effective and come with significant adverse […]