Robert HaasIf you’re a junior tennis player (up to age 18), it’s vital to begin working with me as early as possible. Why? Because I’m worth it.

I can’t stress this enough: the sooner you receive diet and supplement guidance, the faster you’ll develop the biochemistry of an elite athlete while enjoying a greatly reduced chance of suffering a career-ending chronic sports injury due to chronic inflammation.

Hiring a world-class sports nutritionist and top-level ATP playing coach can be financially challenging for many families. But, you get what you pay for.

For example, I can do far more for my clients than other sports nutritionists, such as getting them product endorsement deals and bringing them to some of the best trainers and coaches in the world.

As a result, my clients have made tens of millions of dollars in prize money, product endorsement deals and performance bonuses.


It Takes a Village

Many parents of junior tennis players mistakenly believe that their little darlings will develop into ATP and WTA champions by simply hiring a local coach or by sending their child to train at a tennis academy.

Good luck with that. Today’s future tennis champions require a team of stellar professionals — sports nutritionists, trainers/physios and playing coaches — around them during their junior developmental years.

The teamwork approach I developed in the early 1980s that revolutionized tennis is no longer a luxury, but rather, a necessity. Which brings me to the primary stumbling block to transforming a junior tennis player into a true champion: cost.

In a perfect world, every junior player would have me or someone like me in their camp. But cost is an issue and not everybody can afford my services. In most cases, players will have to wait until they crack the top 20 in order to have enough disposable income to hire me. When it comes to sports nutritionists, you get what you pay for.

What I bring to the table, literally and figuratively, is of vital importance. Why? Because the human body continues to grow until age 24. This means that a junior/young adult player’s biochemical, hormonal, skeletal and and soft tissue development can be optimally transformed during this developmental period by a scientifically advanced personalized strategy–or as I like to call it–sports nutrition my way.

While there are numerous sports nutrition arm-chair experts who claim to know how to accomplish this extraordinary feat, very few actually have the experience of personally working with top-10 ATP/WTA players whom they took to number-one in the world as I have done. Such experience affords one invaluable research insight into helping transform players into world champions.

Your Core Team

Back to our perfect-world scenario for a moment. In light of what I’ve just stated, here are my guidelines for picking the proper team to take your child to the top:

1. Sports Nutritionist: Find one who has worked with number-one ATP/WTA champions in addition to champions in other professional sports. Otherwise, you’ll be hiring a professional who lacks the essential experience required to help your child get to the top and keep him/her there.

2. Playing coach: I strongly advise hiring a coach who was a top ATP/WTA player–someone who was able to crack the top 100. Anything less will drastically reduce the likelihood that your child will develop the techniques and strategies required to develop into a seasoned competitor. If you couldn’t play the game at a high level, you probably cannot teach the game at a high level. There are exceptions to this statement, but they are rare. If you want to beat the odds, find a playing coach who met with success during their ATP/WTA career.

3. Trainer/Physio: Pick a trainer who has a record of successfully working with pro tennis players and other professional athletes. 

As you develop into a tournament-level player, you can expand your team to include other professionals if you choose, including massage therapist, reaction-time trainer, sports psychologist, etc. 

My advice to all parents of a promising junior player. “Pay the two dollars” to give your child the best chance possible to become a champion.

Please contact me directly to discuss programs and fees.


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