4 Weeks To A Better BrainI just obtained a copy of 4 Weeks to Better Brain and the free accompanying cookbook, and was impressed by the scope of research that went into these books. The books are available directly from the author’s website.

Prescription drugs approved to treat Alzheimer’s disease are at best marginally effective and come with significant adverse effects. The authors of this book provide a simple four-week action plan of diet, supplements and other tools they claim can keep your brain healthy for life.
They also provide a much-needed guide for interpreting blood tests used to help diagnose Alzheimer’s and dementia.
The bonus cookbook includes a seven-day meal plan with recipes. The book’s message is that Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline are much less inevitable than you might think. The latest research reveals that cognitive dysfunction is linked the same causes of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes — diseases of aging caused by poor diet and lifestyle choices. 
The authors believe that while some of us may be genetically predisposed to have a higher risk, Alzheimer’s disease does not necessarily express itself unless people follow unhealthy lifestyles and diets. In other words, you can beat the odds and avoid catastrophic cognitive decline as you age.

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