EpicIs it a coincidence that I helped take two of the greatest living tennis champions of all time, Ivan Lendl and Martina Navratilova, to the top of their sport?

No way, José.

How did I do it?

Sports nutrition my way.

Sports nutrition my way is the strategic program I developed to favorably reprogram an individual’s genes to achieve maximum fitness, peak performance and optimal health. It is a unique, highly biochemically personalized approach that you will not find anywhere else.

I developed it through years of research, testing and working with some of the world’s most gifted athletes.


 Sports Nutrition My Way

Sports nutrition my way works because I create a plan personalized to each and every client, based on dozens of biomarkers that are unique to them.

Robert Haas Sports Nutrition My WsyI’ve refined personalized sports nutrition into a cutting-edge strategy that can help my clients achieve world domination. I’m able to keep my clients several steps ahead of their competition by continually researching, testing and redefining the limits of human performance and endurance.  

I track the changes in individual biomarkers and other personalized data over time to create an evidenced-base, scientifically formulated supplement program and way of eating that provides a competitive edge during competition and during recovery from competition. 

Few sports nutritionists enjoy my notable record of success working with world champions and Olympic athletes. Armchair experts lack the knowledge and wisdom that only comes with personally advising professional athletes and helping them reach the top of their sport.

Perhaps that is why Olympic gold medalist Jackie Joyner-Kersee listed my book, Eat to Win, as one of the two most important books she recommends to all aspiring sports champions, The Holy Bible being the second book.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the most gifted and successful sports legends in history. If you’re an aspiring champion, contact me to find out what sports nutrition my way can do for you.

I’m On Call For You 24/7

I make myself available to my clients day and night, for most of the 365 days in each year. There’s nothing more important in my professional life than insuring that my clients become and remain successful. The more they win, the more I win, which is the essence of a true win-win relationship.

At a moment’s notice, I am often called upon to attend to my clients’ needs anywhere in the world. Whether they’ve just Let's Do This!been injured, are preparing for surgery or are in post-op recovery from surgery, I will not hesitate to be present to manage their recovery and get them back on the field stronger than before and in record time.

To a pro athlete, time spent on the disabled list is prize and bonus money lost. My goal is to help my clients heal stronger and faster and get them safely back into competition and peak performance levels.

It’s a matter of record that my clients have won far more prize and bonus money than their competition because they followed my advice. That’s the power of sports nutrition, my way. It worked for them and it will work for you, too.

Contact me to set up a consultation to learn how I can help you make a meal out of your competition.